Sabtu, 19 November 2011

Glucose and Amylum Test

Purpose:Identify digestion process in mouth

·          Tool             :  
a.      Test tube
b.      Spiritus stove 
c.       Pipette
d.      Match
e.      Plate

·          Material      :
a.      Benedict (Fehling A+B)
b.      Water         
c.       Saliva
d.      Rice which has chewed
e.      Rice which has pounded
f.        Glucose solution

·         Procedur    :

1.    First  prepare the material such as benedict, saliva, and rice
2.    Fill in glucose into test tube A as indicator
3.    Fill in Salivainto test tube B
4.    Fill in rice has been chewed + water into test tube C
5.    Fill in rice has been pounded + water into test tube D
6.    Fill each tube 3 drops of benedict (fehling A+B) solution
7.    And then boil them in the spiritus stove

·         Result

Before Boiling
After Boiling
Tube A (Glucose)
Tube B (Salive)
Tube C (Chewed rice)
Tube D (Pounded rice)

1.    So, blue colour show that is saliva
2.    Orange colour show that is glucose
3.    Purple colour show that is carbohydrate
4.   The chewed rice has blue-orange colour because, rice is contain carbohydrate which  change by ptialine enzyme to glucose with digestion process
5.  And Pounded rice has blue-purpel colour because, rice which contain carbohydrate has not change to glucose caused not experience digestion process 
    Amylum Test
          Purpose : Indentify that a food contain carbohydrate

·         Tool         :
a.      Plate

·         Material  :
a.      Bread
b.      Rice/ primary food
c.       Banana
d.      Egg
e.      Iodine/ betadine

·         Procedure:
1.      Prepare the materials such as bread/ primary food, iodine/ betadine
2.      Put bread, rice/ primary food on the plate
3.      Then, drop iodine/ betadine on the bread, give label A
4.      Wait a few minutes, And then, look that
5.      We can tested an egg and banana too
6.      First, put an yellow egg and in the plate
7.      Then, drop the betadine to it, give label B
8.      Wait a few minute, then look that
9.      Put banana in the plate
10.    Drop Betadine to it, give label C
11.    Wait a few minute, then look that
12.    Put white egg in the plate
13.    Drop betadine to it, give label D
·         Result

Kind of Food
Before drop iodine/ betadine
After drop iodine/ betadine
Tube A (Bread)
Original colour (chocolate)
Blue- purple
Tube B (Yellow egg)
Original colour (yellow)
Tube C (Banana)
Original colour (yellow)
Tube D (White egg)
Original colour (white)
Clear (jernih)

·    Conclusion  :
1. Bread contain carbohydrate because the colour after droped betadine is blue-purple
2. Yellow and white egg not contain carbohydrate because colour after droped betadine is not blue-purple
3.   Banana not contain carbohydrate because the colour after droped betadine is not blue-purple
4.  So, A food which contain carbohydrate, if tested use iodine/ betadine the colour will change from original colour to blue-purple colour


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